MR Dad is a fashion company, our store always offers people their own custom printed products. Our print-on-demand brand offers printing on clothes and sending them around the world. We specialize in short-term printing so our customers can order easily and quickly. We have an experienced and highly aesthetic design, concept and support team. Our printing facility prints only professional products and all high quality products. We offer both silkscreen printing and digital printing and have good prices for customers. Our goal is to be the leading brand in on-demand printing, the entire printing and manufacturing process is done in the USA.

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Mr Dad provides a foundation for works that aim to bridge the gap between artistic interpretation, fair use and fan expectations by providing a foundation for new designs. original and modified for the purpose of parody, satire, or provide social commentary on pop culture icons.


Mr Dad prides himself on supporting independent artists and broadcasting their artistic parodies, satires and social commentary to a loyal, growing and passionate audience.


You can have anything you want. If you dress for it.

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